Living In The Free World (Part 3)

When Kim Jong-Un took over rule of North Korea, I think the world held its breathe, hoping and praying he wasn’t like his father. Unfortunately, he was that and more. It is indeed a frightening thought. The free world has been threatened once again. Did you know though that Kim Jong-Un is a basketball fan? The man has personally met with ex-NBA player, Dennis Rodman.

The past month or so really has been intense, Kim Jong-un threatening with all-out war and the free world taking the threats seriously while at the same time, trying to reason with a madman. Measures have been taken though. Japan has deployed defensive anti-missile batteries at specific locations in Tokyo, to protect the capital’s 30 million residents, as well as sending two of its most modern warships to the Sea of Japan with orders to shoot down any missiles fired by North Korea towards the Japanese islands. US-made Patriot anti-missile systems have been deployed at the defense ministry at two other military bases.

Sitting here at my computer today, gazing out through the windows that I washed only yesterday, it is difficult to believe such threats are a reality. My home is my castle and all my worldly possessions are here within reach. I have some friends living in the area and the further the circle about me reaches out, the more friends I have. I seriously don’t have time to worry about what they do for a living, whether they are black or white, Christian or Muslim, gay or straight, on the right side of the law or the wrong. As long as they are right with me, I am right with them.

But imagine a world without the threat of nuclear war, without tyrants and dictators, without murderers and rapists, pedophiles and bullies. Imagine a world free of haters, where people take time for each other, look out for each other, take care of each other. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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