Living In The Free World

In a world of such uncertainty, it’s always nice to know we have friends, and that there are others out there, just waiting to be discovered. The journey of life would be a long and arduous one without friends. Technology has caused the world to shrink and now we can find friends all over the world via online, social networks. I met Rosie online, almost seventeen years ago. Our friendship has blossomed and over the years, we have strived to spread a little warmth and happiness into as many hearts as we possibly can.

I have always believed that one good deed deserves another, that it’s a chain reaction. If I bring a smile to a face today, that face will bring a smile to another face later today. Maybe it’s all wishful thinking, but that’s what I believe.

During my lifetime I have had many friends. Some of them have been school friends, people I grew up with, lost touch with; although still remember with great fondness. Others I met during my ‘crazy teens’, when I was homeless and struggling just to get by. They became friends through convenience. Sadly, many of those friends are no longer with us, but they are still alive and well within my heart.

Other friends came into my life when I left England and moved to Sweden. Most of them were roughly my age. They matured as I matured, settled down, some getting married, having children, starting companies. Others went a different way, chose criminal paths; live outside of the box we call society. My friends though, mean everything to me.

It doesn’t matter to me where you come from, your religious beliefs, your color, your social status, the job you have. As long as you do right by me, I will do right by you. I may not always understand the way some of my friends live, although I would never presume to try and change them.

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