Little Linnea (Part 4)

Continuation and final on post Little Linnea …

I have probably tried every written form there is to try, everything from novels to poems, theater manuscripts to songs texts. I just love writing and will gladly do anything as long as it involves writing. Soon after Linnea died I wrote a song text. Unfortunately I cannot play an instrument and for this reason, the text has remained a text. However, I decided to change it a little.

I dedicate to all who have lost a child to SIDS.

Shouldn’t Happen … by Gavin Hill

No wallpaper rips in corners,

crayons on the walls,

teething rings and ding-a-lings,

or teddies on the floors.

No pitter-patter footsteps,

long and sleepless nights,

smelly bathroom capers,

or parent/child fights.

 Billy was a good kid,

he worked to make a living,

serving fries and pies and stuff

and complaining wasn’t in him.

 Janey was a pretty thing,

Billy’s sugar and spice,

and everything Janey did

Billy thought was nice.

Shouldn’t happen

in a so called modern day,

never going to understand

have nothing more to say.

 Billy was more than happy,

a family man at last,

playing up and one night stands,

left them in the past.

 Janey re-gained her figure,

pretty just like before,

a happy family, contented,

who could ask for more?

 Early one Saturday morning,

from the land of sleepy dreams,

Billy is abruptly awoken,

hearing his Janey scream

Out of bed and running,

comes in to her side,

to see a part of his life,

who in the night had died

 Shouldn’t happen

in a so called modern day,

never going to understand

have nothing more to say.

 Sincerely – until next time with more Sweet Conclusions


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  1. Your fantastic poem brings tears in my heart… Beautiful and heartbreaking.

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