Little Linnea (Part 2)

 Continuation of Little Linnea:

Leif moved in the following week. He always paid his part of the rent on time and he always made sure the fridge and freezer was well-stocked. He had a car as well, which made my life a while lot easier. His daughter was an absolute sweetheart and I so looked forward to her visits. Leif became like a brother to me and his daughter, well a little like a daughter to me as well. I can still remember her toddling around on my linoleum floor, still hear her pretty voice. It feels almost as if it was yesterday.

Leif and Linnea lived with me until I moved out of that two-roomed apartment and into another apartment with the woman, who would one day become the mother of my son. Leif moved from me to another friend named, Peter. Leif and I kept in touch and we often went on fishing trips together, sometimes to parties down town.

During the fall of 1995, I discovered I was to become a father. It was an amazing experience, the most amazing experience of my life thus far. I remember grabbing the telephone and ringing all my friends, telling them with great pride, the magnificent news, some coming by with cigars and others still, just sending congratulation cards. I was so happy, I could barely breathe!

The days past at break-neck speed and before I knew it Christmas had been and gone, 1996 clocking itself in. I was working hard at a school in town, earning money and in my spare time, I contentedly decorated a room for my son/daughter. I couldn’t wait to become a father, to hold a tiny newborn in my arms. I had never really considered parenthood until it came and shook my hand.

Then one morning I received a phone call. I knew something was wrong as soon as I heard the voice on the other end of the line. It was Peter. Peter is a lively character, always full of laughter and crazy ideas. Not on that particular morning though. He quite simply told me to get over to his place as quickly as I possibly could. I replaced the receiver, stepped back and then proceeded to get myself ready for the journey ahead.

By this time I had moved with my girlfriend to a place called Partille, just east of Gothenburg. Peter lived in Kungsbacka, a good hour away by bus. I told my girlfriend that something had happened, although that I wasn’t sure what. I quite simply told her I had to leave and would be back as soon as I could. I took the bus to the city, waited for my connecting bus, boarded and waited again.

Until next time with part 3, make it a good day ….

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