Awaken Spring!

April has arrived and I am feeling a new sense of re-birth as I witness the awakening of SPRING!  Everything is coming alive after the long winter … myself included!

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything! William Shakespeare

Every time we hear a bird sing … we hear a miracle!

Every time we see a tree and flower bloom … we see a miracle!

Every time we hold a baby or young child … we hold a miracle!

Every time we take that first step on a new adventure and accomplishment … we behold a miracle of feeling faith and hope in the future!

Have you taken time to look all around you today? To see, hear and feel signs that reveal to you God’s miraculous work?  Make a list. You will be surprised at all of the wonders … just waiting to be revealed in special ways!

Make it a great day!

Until next time and more Sweet Conclusions …


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