How Much Is Your Time Worth? (part 3)

My days were long though, too long for a father who wanted nothing more than to be with his son. Each morning I would leave my son at day care and then take the bus to town. From there, I would wait a good fifteen minutes for my next bus and finally, three hours after waking up I was at work. Getting to work was actually easier than getting home. I just had to find another apartment, something closer to work.

I found that place eleven years ago and we both still live here. Since 2007 though, my son has been living every other week with his mother.

I cannot say I have any regrets when it comes to fatherhood. I did the best I could with what I had and I tried to give my son the best possible upbringing. But I cannot help but think I missed so much of his childhood years. I quite simply didn’t have the time to be with him as much as I wanted.

I came home from a little party last night, was home just after 9pm. My son was here, sitting with a large group of friends. I knew them all, have known them all for years. They have all been in the same school class, have all been home to me on more occasions than I can remember. They have all played football out in the courtyard, all eaten ice cream in my kitchen, all been a part of my son’s childhood years.

There is a difference now though, a sure sign that things will never be the same again. Perhaps it’s the new clothing trends, the eyebrow rings, the unshaven chins, the fact that their voices have dropped through the floor or maybe the topics of conversation that give it away.

So, are you working hard or hardly working? Are you watching your children grow or just accepting it as an inevitability? It seems we spend too little time living and too much time working. Money is great, it pays the bills and fills the stomach, but life is so much more than paying bills and eating ourselves fat.

Enjoy your children while you can, nurture and cherish them for one day, they will spread their wings and all you will be left with are the memories you created with them.

All the best


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