How Much Is Your Time Worth?

A little boy asked his father in the kitchen one day how much money he earned an hour. His father just smiled and replied; he earns a cool twenty dollars an hour. The little boy thought this over a short while, gazing up at the man he barely knew. Finally he plucked up the courage to ask another question. He wanted to borrow fifteen dollars. His father glared back at him, the little boy stepping away nervously, half expecting to be sent to his room.

“What are you going to do with fifteen dollars,” the father snapped. “That’s a lot of money, boy. What do you need it for?”

The little boy didn’t reply directly. He just bit pensively on his lower lip, composed himself and asked once more, simply saying he would pay him back with his allowance as soon as it was given him.

The father mulled his son’s words over a short while, sighed heavily and reached for his wallet. Then he proceeded to remove a ten dollar and a five dollar bill, handing it over.

“You better, my lad…money doesn’t grow on trees you know.”

Just then he noticed a dog-eared, brown envelope in the little boy’s small, right hand.

“What’s in the envelope?”

The little boy, close to tears opened the envelope, taking out a crisp, five dollar bill. The father didn’t know what to say, the irritation in his eyes burning like midnight stars into his son. He watched lost for words, the little boy placing the envelope on the kitchen table and resting the two five dollar bills neatly on the ten dollar bill.

Then he gave his father the twenty dollars, simply asking for one hour of his time.

Pretty neat story, eh?

It really does make you think though. I mean, isn’t it crazy how the years pass us by?

My son will be seventeen on May 1st and I swear; it feels like just yesterday I was proudly holding him in my arms. As a single parent, I have had to work an awful lot just to survive. I haven’t been able to buy my son a Christmas present each and every year, haven’t had money to buy him an Easter Egg some years and I always bought him his birthday present in mid-June, when my tax returns come in.

That’s all for now until part 2 …


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