Flower Power!

It’s the first week of daylight saving time. We have made it through the long winter!  I viewed a robin yesterday and soon the tulips will be poking through the ground.

Tulips are one of the first flowers that push their way up through the frozen earth in Minnesota and burst forth in magnificent brilliant bloom.

Blooms do not just brighten up your flower garden but when brought in doors they are an instant mood enhancer!

I find that taking a whiff of a floral bouquet, anytime of the year, can evoke happy, positive emotions.  These roses from Gavin still make me smile as I dried them and enjoy viewing the petals daily.

Did you know that to make one pound of honey, bees must collect nectar from over two million individual flowers?

Some buds have specific benefits.

Tea brewed from lovely flower buds may help keep your blood pressure in check … if those buds are hibiscus.

Lavender and gardenia are soothing and calming.

Rose oil and rose water are derived from the flowers and rose hips have many valuable properties.

The infused oil or cream of marigold flowers is used extensively in aromatherapy to treat eczema, scars, cracked skin, rashes, inflammation and viral infections. The petals of this summer flower are used to make an eye wash.

Flowers were put around my son’s dessert when we were on vacation.  I found the photo to share with you … eye appeal at it’s best!

Studies have proved that flowering plants will help you recover faster from illness. We have an innate need to be in contact with nature. If you spend a lot of time indoors, adding potted plants will do much to improve your emotional well-being as well as your health. Remember, plants give off oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, so the more plants you have around you, the better!

Our Sweet Conclusions, new line of greeting cards, are that of peaceful surroundings in a flower garden and calming views of water. Take a peek on our web page!

Take time to enjoy the life enhancing power of flowers!

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