What On Earth…

Is there anything better than gazing up into the heavens above on a cloudless, summer night? An infinite number of golden sparkles set against a mighty carpet of black, it’s easy to feel belittled by the magnitude and the sheer glory of everything about us. Even the planet we live on appears tiny in comparison to creation.

Planet Earth is the third planet from the sun and the fifth largest planet within our solar system. We live on a huge ball that is 24,901.55 miles in circumference at the equator and that is spinning around at 1,038 miles per hour. The further north or south of the equator one moves, the less the spin. The mid-latitudes of the U.S. and Europe speed along at a mere 700 to 900 miles per hour. It makes me quite dizzy just thinking about it.

Putting everything into perspective isn’t always that easy. We are humankind and I suppose it’s fair to mention, the true rulers of this planet. I am not sure Mother Earth would agree, although I see no other contenders stepping up to the plate…yet. Within a comparatively short amount of time we have moved out of caves and have stopped hunting with spears. We have moved up the food chain, sitting proudly at the top. We have transformed the environment to suit our needs, built vast cities, demanded obedience; changed Mother Earth forever. We haven’t been able to drag the continents together, although we have created machines that can move us from one to the other within a relatively short amount of time. We have even created machines that can take us from this planet.

Some might say; we have mastered a giant; that we are in charge. We are not in charge though; we are no more than slaves to the planet that nurtures us. And this planet isn’t a giant either. Jupiter is 318 times the size of this so called ‘giant’ that we assume to have mastered.

The sun is ten times the size of Jupiter and scientists have now snapped a photo of a rare exoplanet that is 13 times larger than Jupiter. It is 170 light-years away and has been named Kappa Adromedae b. This is merely the beginning and I could probably go on forever, although I think I have proven my point.

So, we live on a relatively tiny planet that is spinning around at an incredible rate. At least we know everything about the planet, right…or do we? Sit back and think again.

That’s all for now

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