Super-Dooper-Stitious (Part 5)

Are you superstitious or do you just take it with a pinch of salt? As long as you don’t throw that pinch of salt over you left shoulder, you are probably a little more rational than most.

For those of you who are superstitious though, or for those of you who quite simple find it to be an interesting topic, I have come up with a little questions and answers game for us to play. See if you can answer these questions and I will be posting my answers in just three days. Until then, good luck!

1)   If a shoe lace comes undone, what does this mean?

2)    What will happen to you if you kick a cat?

3)    Which is the must unlucky month of the year?

4)    What does it mean if your knees itch?

5)    Why should you not tickle the feet of a baby?

6)    A sneezing cat promises what?

7)    If you pass a child through the branches of this tree, the child will live a long life. What is the tree?

8)  If you catch this insect, you will marry within a year. Which insect is it?

9)  If your lips itch, what does this mean?

10)  Is a black sheep considered bad luck?

Back in three days with the answers!



10 thoughts on “Super-Dooper-Stitious (Part 5)

  1. LOVE this post and great fun with the quiz!!!!! Hurry up day three, have to see if I am correct with my answers!!!

  2. 1) someone is talking bad about you
    2) nowadays you will be report for animal abuse….yesteryear it meant having a bad day.
    3) believe its May, something to do with death
    4) visiting and will kneel in a strange church
    5) child might just develop a stammer
    6) rain is in the forecast
    7) the Maple tree
    8) the old dragonfly
    9) you are going to be kissed soon
    10) no, same as a white lamb… just black

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