If It Comes From The Heart …

The heart is the organ that controls the flow of blood in the body. It is also considered the center of human emotion where the deepest and sincerest feelings are located. Where a person is most vulnerable to pain and joy.

Most of us have heard the expressiona heart of gold” to describe one who is generous, kind, and always willing to help others.

Why not make Valentine’s Day a day of sharing a “heart of gold” each and every day of the year!

I picked this powerful verse to share with you today … taken from one of Gavin’s poems.

If it comes from the heart

and if it comes from the soul

then you did your part

and reached your goal … Gavin Hill

This verse is on one of our Sweet Conclusions cards and the whole poem is included in our book

 Reflections Upon the Water of Life...

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Tomorrow’s post is part 4 on Gavin’s series … Super-Dooper-Stitious!

 Until then …. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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