It’s not just the things we say that ignite the fires of curiosity within me at times, but the things we believe in as well. Since the dawn of our time we have conveniently surrounded ourselves with no end of weird and wonderful superstitions. As if life isn’t complex enough, we have found it necessary to build a world of mystic about ourselves. Most of us would probably not consider ourselves all that superstitious, although how many of us believe Friday the 13th to be unlucky, knock on wood three times after mentioning good fortune or worry about that black cat crossing our path?

It is easy to dismiss superstition as irrational and unreasonable, but only those who can break a mirror without a second thought are truly entitled to do so.

Superstition is deep-rooted within us, as ancient as the spirits and the demons we created within those encumbering caves that once harboured our forefathers. Our over imaginative minds sought to understand the intricacy of the world we lived in, to come to terms with the things we couldn’t comprehend. Night-time must have been so frightening, strange sounds out there somewhere far beyond the camp-fire, and the possibility of going hungry must have been a constant threat.

Life wouldn’t have been easy back then deep within the shrouded chambers of our humble beginnings. The world about us was savagely lined with untold dangers and every second must have been a battle of wits.

It’s easy then to understand the rise of superstition. The difference between a good and a bad hunt was as simple as life or death. If winter was relentlessly cold, if springtime arrived late or if sickness was rife within the community, the outlook would have been disastrous. A little superstition can go a long way.

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