When The Lights Go Out (Part 3)

Continuation of part 1 and 2 :

When the lights go out ...

Without a doubt, I guess the most important thing to do is to make the most of the situation. Spend time with your children/parents.

I have a few ideas of my own. They might not make quite as much sense, but you get what you pay for!

You could play cards by candlelight and eat the ice cream before it melts. After all that ice cream you might want to get a little exercise in!

You could take an adventure and read a good Gavin Hill novel …

(Photos of some members of the Gavin Hill International Fan Club)

You could write a letter to the man on the moon, have a stare down with a garden gnome, wrestle an alligator, hug a cactus, hunt for aliens in the backyard, drink a gallon of prune juice and find out what happens, pay off the national debt…with a bad check, recite romantic poetry…to your toaster, carry a tune…drop it and see if it breaks!

Spit shine your shoes, speak with a forked tongue, call London for a cab, stomp grapes in the bathtub, read tea leaves, get run over by a train of thought, rotate your carpet, stack furniture, hatch an egg, cross your toes, play air guitar, join the French Foreign Legion, grease the doorknobs, grow your fingernails, count your teeth with your tongue!

Act profound, make up famous sayings, climb the walls, find a bug and chase it, apply for a unicorn hunting license, chew on the coffee table, calmly have a nervous breakdown … See, there are just so many fun things to be done!

Okay, so my suggestions are nowhere near as good as his. On the other hand, he is always prepared for the eventuality of a power cut, whereas I have not yet figured my way through my comfortable world of modern technology. He and his family could easily survive a week or even more without electricity and me, well, I only need a couple of hours without it before I begin to go loony tunes and find the need to start writing more novels!

I am going to take his advice. I think you should too.

Bye for now

Gavin                            https://www.facebook.com/SweetConclusions

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