When The Lights Go Out

One afternoon, a couple of weeks ago when I was at work, I called my son to tell him I would be home in an hour, and I asked him to put a joint of meat in the oven. Of course, he was only too happy to help. One hour later I was home, stepping in through the main door, taking my shoes and jacket off and strolling into the kitchen. The lights in the whole apartment were flickering, a dull glow and for some reason, the oven had stopped working. Well, kind of anyway. It was turned up all the way, although was barely warm. I decided to pull it out from the work surface and unplug it, wait a short while and then plug it back in. It appeared to be a good idea at the time. I mean, it’s an old oven and in all fairness, I had no idea what to do.

Anyway, I did as I have previously stated, thinking I might have possibly solved the problem. When I switched it on, the lights came on, although I only had full light in the kitchen and a dull light in the hallway. I switched the oven off again and all of a sudden, I had no light at all, except in the kitchen. Very strange.

The only way to get light was to switch the oven on. I had a friend come by to empty my freezer and it sure was nice to just rant and rave about my misfortune, just for a little.

Now, I’m no electrician, not in the slightest bit technical, it’s all spaghetti bolognaise to me!

My son actually understood more than I did and he explained to me what, he thought had happened.  He was pretty much right too. The next morning I made a phone call and within the hour, everything was back to normal.

It’s a terrible inconvenience when the power goes off for an hour or two and the longer it’s off, the worse the situation becomes. Knowing what to do in such a situation will surely make life much easier.

This event really got me thinking. I mean, I have become much too dependent on the modern world I live in. Without my TV, my DVD player, sound surround system, computer or Internet, I am lost. How will I cook a meal, store my frozen produces or wash my clothes without electricity? Scary stuff…or is it?

When it comes down to it, a power cut doesn’t really need to be such a disaster. I have a friend who lives nearby and he almost looks forward to the next power cut, knowing full well he has everything necessary to survive without electricity. I have a torch and some candles. He has a huge box full of survival equipment.

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