Childhood Has Its Advantages (Part 2)

Continuation of part 1

It’s not just China either. This isn’t isolated, this is global. Sadly, this is what I am leaving for my son and his generation to clean up, if it can ever be cleaned up.

Pollution is one of the world’s largest global killers, affecting over 100 million people. That’s comparable to malaria and HIV. People who live in places with high levels of air pollutants have a 20 percent higher risk of death from lung cancer than people who live in less-polluted areas. While children only make up 10 percent of the world population, over 40 percent of the global burden of disease falls on them. More than 3 million children under the age of five die annually from environmental factors.

What will future generations say about ours? Will they look back through their history and condemn us as being the ones who did nothing and the ones who didn’t care? Or will they look back and say, that’s where things happened, that’s where people finally realized that this cannot go on? That was a good generation.

It’s not all doom and gloom, is not the end. This is the beginning, a time for us to start doing something about the pollution that if left to go unchecked, will ultimately destroy us.

You can consider using unleaded gasoline, carpooling or riding your bicycle to work. You could adopt the 3Rs of solid waste management: reduce, reuse and recycle. Or you could hang your laundry to dry to minimize use of gas or electricity from your dryers, use Eco-friendly or biodegradable materials instead of plastic, have proper waste disposal systems especially for toxic wastes, say no to genetically modified organisms.

Every little thing counts. We cannot change the world in a day, a week, month or even a year. But together we can make changes that will reduce and even eliminate pollution forever.

Wishing you a pollution free day!



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