When The Mercury Drops, It’s Time For Warmth!

Warmth is important on a cold, snowy January night. I have found that there are “satin” bed sheets and then there are “flannel” bed sheets. Satin is a wonderful, smooth fabric but flannel is a humble, warm fabric and one of the joys of winter!

I bundled up between flannel last weekend and read yet again the wondrous novel,The Watchman,Gavin’s latest. I forgot the world around me and was in the land of the Game of Chance. My life seemed perfect for a few hours.

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My most luxurious gift to myself and others is purchasing flannel bed sheets when they go on sale. Flannel is most typically associated with warmth and can help keep you toasty on even the chilliest nights. The highest quality of flannel is 100% tightly woven,soft cotton fibers.  These sheets are also popular because they are tremendously durable. With proper care, they will last for years and be as comfortable on your 1000th night as they were on your first!

When I purchased American flannel bed sheets for Gavin a few years ago, I was able to hear him all the way from Sweden express his gratitude via Skype! He had never had the experience of flannel sheets before this.  His quote, “Flannel is wonderful, warm and comfortable…gives a great sleep as long as sleep is on your side” 🙂

Have you slipped between your “flannel” sheets yet this new year?  If you have, I am sure you agree with us that love spells …. F L A N N E L  🙂

Until next time and more Sweet Conclusions be warm and I encourage you to read The Watchman!


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  1. Cythina

    I Love my flannel sheets also, Rosie and Gavin. Enjoyed your simple pleasure article! We often take things like that for granted but you always seem to help us realize to stop and enjoy and appreciate. Thank you!

  2. Jerrell Mccolgan

    It can be so frustrating when you open your linen closet to get a set of bedsheets out and you end up spending the next 10 minutes trying to decipher if the sheets you grabbed are for your full size, queen size or king size mattress. Instead of easily grabbing what you need, you end up making a bigger mess in the closet! Not fun.;

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