Slips Of Woven Moments

When I returned home after taking Gavin to the airport I was an emotional wreck. I missed him already and it had only been a few hours. I decided to take a negative moment and make it a positive.  I took tiny slips of paper and wrote the highlights from our amazing summer together, special times that made us laugh, goals reached etc. I have been writing on slips of paper ever since and placing them in a decorated box.  Gavin and I will open the box and read these slips of paper together someday soon!

With the start of a new year some people make resolutions and others do not. Some write daily journals or diaries. My suggestion is to take little slips of paper and write down the wonderful moments, things that make a difference in your life through out the year. Then place them in a jar or decorated box and open at the end of 2013!

 Suggestions to write on your slips of paper:

Moments of Laughter

Beauty of Nature (from snow glistening to rainbows to sunsets to flowers to birds)

Daily Blessings of Gratitude

Moments of Awe and Wonderment

Memories Worth Savoring

Surprise Moments


Goals Accomplished

The list is endless. Make it so when you read your slips of paper, at the end of the year, you will be astounded at all of the moments of wonderful blessings in your life!

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