All Shapes And Sizes!

It is always a fun winter experience to make a snowman. I especially enjoy making them come to “life” so to speak with a face,stick arms etc. My snowman usually have a carrot for a nose, buttons for eyes and always a scarf around the neck. They are not all made from snow!

If you have followed along with our posts you have heard about my rhubarb leaf creations. I also create snowmen.  I have made numerous snowman decorations throughout the years. Several of them I made for my mother to enjoy.  I smiled fondly when I found them in her closet when she went home to heaven. She kept her seasonal items all safely put away free from dust. She had put notes on them saying when I had created them for her. Only a mother’s love would have kept each one so safe!

The worlds tallest ever snowman made measured a massive 34.63 meters or 113 feet, 7 inches and was made by the people of Bethel, Maine, USA. It took two weeks to build, finally being completed on 17 February 1999.

The snowman was nicknamed Angus, King of the Mountain.

Angus was so big that his nose was 8 feet long, his hat was 20 feet in diameter and the scarf around his neck was 120 feet long. His eyes were 4-foot wreaths, and his smile was made from automobile tires.

It took so much snow to make Angus that he didn’t entirely melt away until mid-June.

Here is a photo of the tallest snowman.

 Another form of a snowman in a cookie shape!or cupcake shape!

May you also find and enjoy a snowman delight today!

Until next time and more Sweet Conclusions


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