Glistening In The Sunlight ☼


Have you ever gone outside to stick your tongue out of your mouth to catch a snowflake? If you haven’t done this you are missing out on one of the simplest pleasures of life! There is something about the first snow fall that makes me run outside to stand among the beauty. It is like I am being surrounded by angel kisses from the heaven’s above!

I love the simple pleasures of life. Being alive to go outside when it starts to snow is one of them. I marvel at each snowflake. Each one is unique in shape to the other. It is said that no two snowflakes are exactly the same similar to the human fingerprint. I find it amazing!

Glistening snow is a another wonder to behold.

How does snow form?

Snow crystals form in clouds when the temperature is underneath freezing point. They are created by water droplets freezing on small ice particles. As an ice crystal drops through the cloud it bumps and knocks others and becomes a snowflake. This process of bumping others, along with a little melting and re-freezing aids the creation of their complex design. The air that the snowflake drops through has to be under freezing otherwise the snowflake will simply melt and turn into rain.

I really enjoyed using my zoom lens and capturing the snow crystals on my crap apple tree branch. The white on the red berries against the azure sky is striking.

Hope you enjoy the beauty!

Snowflake Fact

The world’s largest ever snowflake to date found was 38 centimeters wide and 20 centimeters thick. This snowflake occurred at Fort Keogh, Montana, USA on 28 January 1887.

6 feet  4 inch long icicle

I removed this icicle from the outside corner of my home. It was the longest I have ever seen!

Until next time and more Sweet Conclusions.

Happy first day of 2013!


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    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Isn’t that the truth, Maggie. I always make a snow angel at least once in the winter. Happy New Year!

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