A True Story With A Unique Video Christmas Greeting

Sixteen years ago a family came into the pet store where I was living. I was just a few weeks old at the time. I longed to be taken out of my cage to live with a loving family that would care for me. They browsed around the store and I could tell they were just looking and had no intentions of making a purchase. I decided to “charm” this lady and her son so they would notice me! It was to be the challenge of my short life as the pet store had a wide variety of other animals and several other Cockatiel birds.

I have a beautiful yellow face with bright orange cheeks so I decided to call attention to myself!  I personally thought this lady would never look at me as I paced up and down the wooden perch in my cage. I started whistling at her.  Not just an ordinary whistle but a “wolf call!”  It worked immediately. I got her attention and she asked to have me taken out of the cage that I was sharing with several other birds.  I sat nicely on her shoulder and I continued to charm her. I was instantly in heaven as I knew I had found the “woman” of my dreams!  She didn’t know at the time that Cockatiel birds pick one member of the family as their “mate!”  Now getting the little boy interested in me took longer as he was more interested in the fish.  My persistence paid off and they purchased me along with a lovely new cage. The little boy named me “Cloud” after his video game. Very clever of him!  I was their very first pet and I have rewarded my “woman” daily with wolf calls ever since!

Cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) are  members of the cockatoo family endemic to Australia.  We are charming, social birds. We require ten to twelve hours of sleep per day and live an average of twenty to thirty years. Here is another bit of interest about myself. When my owner has had to leave me alone, throughout the years, she has someone come and check on me. Well, I am not too thrilled about her leaving even though she always has my cage stocked with plenty of food and water. I refuse to eat while she is gone and if someone tries to take me out of my cage, I am inclined to bite them. I am not a mean bird but I miss her so much when she is gone that I would rather not talk and stay in my cage. When she arrives back, I charm her all over again with wolf call whistles until she rubs my head!  I am the luckiest bird alive and I know it!

I also wanted to show you how charming I am so here is a short (few seconds) video of myself … who else!  Notice I respond right on cue when my owner asks me if I am a  pretty bird with the wolf call!  I also wish you a Merry Christmas in this video. Please make sure you watch my beak as I mouth Merry Christmas just for you! Thanks for allowing me to tell you about myself.

Cloud … tweet tweet!

P.S. My owner, Rosie and Gavin will be back with more Sweet Conclusions for you shortly.  Have a great weekend and please watch my video! Feel free to leave me a response!

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