Yes, 12-12-12 might be just another set of numbers for some. But unlike the past 11 years, this will be the last such triple date for almost a century — until January 1, 2101.

In honor of today being 12-12-12  … which is awesome just in itself … I went searching with my camera to locate something that would have “twelve” in a hidden message. This is what I found.

Twelve blades on my Father’s windmill

 Twelve evergreens in a row

 I also found twelve ornaments on my decorated Christmas tree and twelve petals on my poinsettia plant.  Search around your surroundings and see what you can find twelve of and let us know!  Have a great day …

Until tomorrow with more Sweet Conclusions and Time out with Gavin & Rosie



12 thoughts on “12-12-12

  1. What a lovely treat to read your story about 12.

    I will fondly remember 12-12-12, as it is the day Camille and I have begun to move into our new home. We have been waiting for 12 months, as we started this process last year in December.

    • Dearest Kathryn and Camille, I so wish I was there to help you in person! At last! Congratulations! I can envision your smiles :) I hope Gavin and I will be able to visit! For now I am with you in spirit!

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