Shrouds Of Lace

It is chilly in Minnesota this morning, a negative two degrees at 10:00 a.m.  We received several inches of snow yesterday. Making many home bound with roads closed. It was the first major snowfall of the season. Some areas got close to 18 inches of snow!

While in the warmth of my dining room, I just had to open the doors and take photos. I will be sharing with you the wonders that were bestowed upon me in this post.

My veranda is a seasonal-enclosed porch and not heated in the winter. I bravely opened the doors stepping out into the deep freeze. I discovered the most amazing crystals on the upper windows. I think they are spectacular in beauty and wonderment. Look at the crystals against the azure sky!

I thought of Gavin’s verse (from his poetry collection) that we use on our Sweet Conclusions cards: 

“Wintery crystals in shrouds of lace touch the earth with icy embrace”… Gavin Hill

I couldn’t get my outside door open because of all the snow on the deck but here is a photo (taken from the inside) to show you the view of my back yard winter wonderland …

Until next time and more Sweet Conclusions,



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