Festive Cheer

For a special December promotion, downtown Litchfield had a great “Ladies Night Out” event!  You went store to store and had a card punched by each shop on the list … in hopes your “card” would be drawn at the end of the evening to win one of several lovely gifts!

We caught a glimpse of the Holiday Express quickly go through town with musical- characters dancing and waving to the crowd.  The historic Hollywood sign and Christmas lights in the background … making the outing full of sparkle and delight!

Santa appeared without his sleigh and reindeer but pulling an old fashioned wagon that was filled with gifts for you and me! Santa really surprised Rosie by saying she should have a photo taken with him to send to a man named “Gavin” in Sweden … hmmm Santa really does know all, sees and hears everything!!!  Amazing!

My green eyes really got large in wonderment over this so I slipped him a dear Santa note that he should pick me up on Christmas Eve with his sleigh to take me with on his journey across the ocean blue to see … well, you know who! Surely Santa’s red wagon will magically turn into a real sleigh with reindeer!

Wine was chilled and flowing along with specialty cheese and crackers!

Friends gathered that had not seen each other in ages. They sang Christmas carols and were merry while they browsed the shops with endless delight!

Very Vintage had our Sweet Conclusions Cards on display and for sale while owner Susan was busy giving that extra special touch to wrapping gifts that her customers had picked out. She gave me her okay to have her photo taken for this collage display … just for Gavin, of course, was the deal made! 😉

We oohed and awed over the beauty of the variety of lovely poinsettias in the floral shop. We loved them all!

At the health food co-op, I noticed a special “blueberry” drink and had to get one to place in someone’s stocking … shhhhh !!!

Early Merry Christmas greetings to all and to all a goodnight were exchanged with hugs by treasured friends that said good-bye. They promised to keep in touch while leaving the city lights behind them … all aglow with festive cheer and new memories that lingered while they departed.

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions. Be on the look out as I found out  Santa is watching!


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  1. Linda Boe

    The night was so reminiscent of lively nights in downtown Litchfield in years gone by!-brought back many good memories!! I so enjoyed the comrades who accompanied me as we strolled the streets and partook in the sights and sounds-surrounded by visual and audio delights! Conversation and laughter abounded! I went home with a smile on my face, a warm feeling in my heart, and some really fun purchases. Thanks for your sharing, Rosie-well done!!

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thanks Linder, your response was stated perfectly, it was a lively night, good company, great to laugh and leave with a smile and warmth in our hearts! Thanks for following along with Sweet Conclusions.

  2. Susan Johnson

    Ladies Night Out was such an enjoyable evening! Thanks to everyone that came out and made it so successful. Thanks too to Santa for the visit and Rosie most of all…nice job!

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thank you Susan. I look forward to next time. It was a great evening! Thanks for your response and following Sweet Conclusions!

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