Tis the Season!

Ashley and Rosie mastered shoe shopping back in April with Let the Voting Begin. December finds us dreaming of shoe shopping while in the kitchen baking!

Let’s see if we can master cookie baking as well as we do sporting high-heels!

 Ashley arrived at 6:42 p.m. and I had all of the baking ingredients ready to go. She told me her co-workers over at WC Tribune were surprised she was going to be “baking.”  When she told me this I thought of this “Maxine” cartoon!

We started with chocolate peppermint cookies, I should re-phrase that.  I started mixing cookie dough while Ashley and my son started mixing Christmas cheer with pizza!  ;) 

Everyone was happy. Christmas lights were blinking, Christmas music filled the air along with the fragrant aromas of pepperoni pizza, beer and chocolate cookies baking in the oven …

Ashley starts decorating the cooled, chocolate peppermint cookies

You can decide which is the sample photo of the cookie from the magazine and which photo shows our cookie creation … either way …

We rock and nailed it!

Next on our agenda was a sleigh ride bear treat. We took candy canes, small candy bars, tiny bear snack cookies and chocolate frosting. 

Does anyone know the secret of unwrapping candy canes without them breaking?!

My son was the first to accomplish making this cookie treat in record time…

then Ashley took her turn … again in record time …

then Rosie took her turn … ever so precisely … laughing along the way …

You can decide which is the photo from the magazine and which photo shows our creations! Either way, we again … nailed it! 

Team work!

Next time, my son told us he is sticking with the pizza and beer while Ashley and I either shop or bake … such decisions for girls to make!

Gavin, are you brave enough for us to send you some of our baking creations or would you rather stick with the pizza and beer?!

May your Christmas baking be filled with as much laughter and good cheer as our experience was! 

Until next time

With more Sweet Conclusions,


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