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Gavin :    Have you ever wanted to reverse time, to travel the distant corridors of your past and take a peek into your younger days? Well, at Very Vintage you really can. I first met the proprietor back in 2010 when she was present at one of my Author Skype events. It was to take another year though until I was able to meet her. She smiled brightly as I entered and she showed me around as if I was her number one customer. Apparently, that’s the way she is with all her customers. I like that friendly, customer service. Don’t you? Very Vintage is your time capsule and once within its spell, you will be able to browse the shelves of yesteryear. 

Check out our Sweet Conclusions nature cards, shown in this photo, along with other antique and distinctive one of a kind treasures in her shop.

Rosie:    Envision the old- fashioned, general store in the 1960’s called Roy’s on the Marina in Tonka Bay, Minnesota. It was a beautiful autumn day and after school a pretty, seven year old girl named Susan with long, light brown hair ran happily into Roy’s to greet her loving mother who worked there. Susan would help enthusiastically with an ostrich feather duster dust off the store merchandise, all the while dreaming of owning her own store someday.

Her dreams came to life many years later when she opened up her first shop located on her country property in a pole barn. She was open seasonally for a few weekends in the spring and fall selling her garden craft boutiques. Customers drove 3 ½ miles on a dirt road to get to her shop in Buffalo, Minnesota, her dreams continuing to thrive.

Susan’s next venture was in Delano, Minnesota with a shop called Bridge Avenue Boutique.  She soon outgrew the limited space and heard of a historic building for sale in Litchfield; which was three times the size of her current shop and in a more visible traffic location.  This was in 2003 and after purchasing and renovating the building, Susan has been realizing her dream ever since!  Thus how Very Vintage came to be.

Gavin:    If you ever get the opportunity, you really should take a trip to Very Vintage in downtown Litchfield … meet Susan in person and allow her to show you around. Here is a photo of Susan and myself when I visited. She had us autograph our Reflections Upon the Waters of Life book which are for sale in her shop. Our book showcases combined artistic style on the wings of photo and verse.

Rosie:    Very Vintage is a quaint and charming antique and one of kind treasure shop. The minute you enter you feel the warmth and realize you are in for a wonderful shopping experience. Susan is very personable and makes you feel more than welcome. I think of Susan and her shop as the treasure to our downtown area.  She is available to assist you with all of your shopping needs. This photo shows me modeling a very comfortable,stylish outfit from one of her many attire selections.

Very Vintage is located @ 109 Sibley Avenue North, Litchfield, MN

Until next time and more Sweet Conclusions,

Gavin and Rosie



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  1. Susan Johnson

    Thank you so, so much Gavin & Rosie for the wonderful Very Vintage story! The most enjoyable part of my shop is the friendships it has brought me…Love you two!

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      You are most welcome, Susan. Thank you for opening Very Vintage and sharing with all of us your smile, love of life and shop treasures! Our love right back to you and yours for a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Christina Blomberg

    Sometimes I wonder why God placed Flen Sweden so far from USA There is so much would love to see. I guess I would bring lots of pretty things back to Sweden if I got the chance

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      I agree on all accounts, Christina, you would find many pretty things! Sweden is too far in distance from the USA but always close in thoughts/spirit. Thanks for following along from Sweden.

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