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I love this time of year. It isn’t the Christmas tree, not the presents or the great food and company. As I have already stated, I don’t really celebrate Christmas. I have a few decorations up right now, but no Christmas tree and no presents. Christmas isn’t about decorations and presents. My son asked for money and that’s what he will get. I bought him two early Christmas presents back last September. Of course, I could have waited until Christmas, although he needed them then and so I gave them to him.

What I love about Christmas is the feeling of love and gratitude. It cannot be denied, Christmas truly is the season of magic. I love to walk about in town, decorations hanging from the sides of buildings, the Christmas tree down by the Square; people alive with festive cheer. There’s nothing quite like it.

In Kungsbacka,Sweden, we have a tradition of having a Christmas market on the 1st of Advent. That is where I have been today. It was cold, really cold…18 degrees Fahrenheit. Actually, that doesn’t sound very cold to me. If you run in Celsius, it was minus 8 degrees. Brrrrrrrr

Sadly the snow has yet to fall, although it was still a wonderful afternoon. My son and I strolled around, Christmas music filling our ears. There were pony rides for the children and there were copious amounts of Christmas items to buy.

As cold as it was, we decided to stop and take a nice mug of glögg. Glögg is a mulled, red wine, made with various spices and raisins. It is served warm and it is delicious.

We tried so hard to catch up with Santa. I hear though, he’s pretty busy at this time of year. Mind you, I found Rudolph. Well, one of them is, I’m sure.

I think I should have been a detective. I figured where he hangs out.

Now all I have to do is sit and wait. I might get to see him yet!

Until next time

Happy first Advent


Sweet Conclusions, Time out with Gavin and Rosie

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  1. Tri Hestiati Herbst

    Well, I do agree, Gavin, that christmas bring love and joy. Though I always be glad and happy when Santa handed me a gift or two! And as far as I know, he’ll come to my house this year as well 😉 So, I can always hope…

  2. Marlene

    Really, really enjoyed this Gavin. I want a tiny sip of some glogg! Remember though that a little tiny gift always brings joy if it’s homemade even better.

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