Okay, Enough Is Enough!

It’s called Christmas for a reason

 I was born in the west and with great pride, I have always followed the religious and non-religious traditions that we in the west hold so dear. It is our traditions that unite us and our beliefs that define who we are.

If you are born in the west with a Christian mother and Christian father, then you are Christian, make no mistake. You don’t have to believe in God, it’s a free world. You don’t have to believe in Jesus, it’s up to you. You are Christian though, either a practicing or a non-practicing Christian. You can thank democracy for that, my friend.

Another year is close to an end. I spent my summer in America and had a wonderful time. Northern Europe didn’t get to see much summer this year on all accounts, but that’s a different story. We have all witnessed the seasonal changes of 2012 and we know all too well that 2013 is eagerly knocking upon our door.

We have much to be thankful for and little reason to complain. We in the west are beyond fortunate, we are blessed. Not everybody would agree with that statement, although I truly believe we are.

Something is really annoying me right now though, is driving me beyond angry and right here, right now, I want to tell you what. Now, you might not agree with me. It’s your prerogative, this is the west and here, we have free speech. I love the west!

I read something in the Swedish newspaper today though, something that has caused my blood to boil.

It will soon be Christmas. As I write, it is only four weeks, eleven hours, thirty-seven minutes and twenty-three seconds until Christmas Day. I love the apps I find on my cell phone. The children of yesteryear went to church on the last day of the winter term. They seated themselves, a Christmas tree twinkling; a multitude of colors. They listened to the story of Christ and they understood that Christ is the reason we have Christmas.

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It has now been decided though that children be allowed to celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ in a church, as long as there is no mention of the birth of Christ. It would be terrible if our Christian beliefs would offend somebody…oh, my!

It’s not just Sweden either; this is a phenomena that is spreading out across the western world. As much as I love life, love the west and love democracy, I detest the ones who make these stupid decisions. I for one; am a Christian and I will never bow down or run from my birthright simply because it might offend somebody.

Celebrate Christmas as a Christian

It’s what you are


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7 Responses

  1. Marlene

    Hi Gavin, glad you wrote this! I have taught Sunday School for years and we need to proclaim more that Jesus or Christ is the reason for the season. Gives me shivers that many do not see this.
    Take care of you of all of us that miss you!

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thank you so much, Marlene. I wonder why our governments are so afraid to stand up for themselves. I am a proud Christian and see no reason to hide my beliefs in fear of what others think. We have become weak. Have a great CHRISTtmas, Marlene:)

  2. Christina

    I did hear that on tv.
    I cant help wondering WHY shall we not be able to go to church as we always did befor.. Both on the last day at school befor christmas and also for the summer holliday.
    Im pretty sure other countrys doesnt hide their religion because of people from other countrys move there. WHY cant WE have our traditions?
    The last day of school going to church is a part of who we are here. I myself wouldnt try to stop their celebrations if I moved somewhere else in the world.

    We all have our traditions and beliefs, but no one should come here and make us give up something so special. I would for sure not try to change anything if I went to some other country. This upsets me a lot.
    Sorry for writing such long text here but this is something I feel is so very wrong.

    Take care

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      I know, it’s awful. I wonder what the west is coming to when we find ourselves bowing down like think. Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against other religions, races or cultures. I simply believe in following the traditions that we have always had here:)

  3. KATHY

    I saw a sign today that said, Remember the reason for the season and now I read your meaningful post.

    Signs of hope and Christian love need to be spread more.

    What a striking Sweet Conclusions photo!

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      More people should ‘remember the reason for the season’ Kathy! We are who we are and we should never forget that.

      Wishing you a wonderful CHRISTmas:)

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