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Yesterday was Thanksgiving and today is Black Friday, the day many go out into the crowds / swarms of people trying to scoop up the best deals of the season for Christmas gifts, some start transforming their homes into winter wonderlands with lights and decorations, attend the Holidazzle Parade in Minneapolis, others are off of school and work enjoying a relaxing long weekend, and some like myself, are in the comforts of our own surroundings pondering the meaning of it all.

The holiday season is generally thought of as a time of joy and love, but for many people, it’s a time of loneliness, that unpleasant feeling of emptiness and solitude. On Thanksgiving Eve, I volunteered to entertain at the local nursing home. I didn’t feel so lonely after sharing some time among these dear people. They only longed for a caring smile, a hand to hold, to be happy and laugh for a moment.  I went home that evening to my empty house but I didn’t feel empty “inside myself”… as by sharing I felt blessed.

Many people wish they could be with family or friends, but can’t because of distance or death.  Many just long for closer connections with family or friends,  and find themselves feeling isolated during the holidays. While it may be uncomfortable to feel lonely, talking to others who may share your feelings can help you to feel less alone in your situation.

Be Someone

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