Sharing a Thanksgiving Tradition

Every Thanksgiving Eve the garland lights magically begin sparkling with a Litchfield tradition. This community’s Christmas lighting decorations have made Christmas memories for many generations …

Naming Litchfield

Litchfield’s name origins are from three English brothers named Electus Darwin Litchfield (1817–1888), Egbert E. Litchfield (dates unknown) and Edwin Clark Litchfield (1815–1885).

The Litchfields were the contractors/investors by whom the railroad line from St. Paul to St. Cloud was built in 1862 to 1864. Later, they provided the means for building a more southern line through Meeker County to Breckenridge. Electus, showing his business sense, had his wife in London donate grants of $2000 each to various religious sects in town to build churches.

Happy Thanksgiving from Sweet Conclusions

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