Shared “Thanks”giving

During the “first” Thanksgiving in 1621, Pilgrims and Native Americans did not focus on what was different between them, but instead concentrated on what they all shared. They sat down together to give thanks for nature’s bounty.

This past Saturday, Sweet Conclusions was part of a shared craft event at the historic Opera House in Litchfield, MN.  While displaying and selling our products, I felt complete peace inside this historic building among strangers but yet fellow community people all sharing our homemade goods.

My brain reveals in an artistic way, I saw people blended together at this event as a beautiful sunset, many colors blended together and sharing their products.  Such as when I take a paint brush dappled into my acrylic or watercolor paint and the paint runs together and blends to form a perfect imagine to enrich our sense of view so is Sweet Conclusion‘s photography and poetry, combining the two souls of Gavin and Rosie. We blend together Sweet Conclusions to give you the opportunity to view nature in photo and verse. Our book Reflections Upon the Waters of Life and our greeting cards are made for you to pause and reflect on the beauty all around us. Stop awhile to read a poem and dream while viewing the photography, letting both take you into that moment in time to become a sweet conclusion!

What touched my heart the most was the enthusiasm of people viewing our booth and hearing such wonderful remarks not only about our products but also about us.

 Sharing some of the highlights:

“I think you lived or survived your health issues so you could meet Gavin and form Sweet Conclusions and share with us … bless you.”

 “We heard you both on the radio this summer and read the newspaper articles!”

“Oh, I heard about Gavin poetry event and sadly missed it, I will have to get this book!”
“We attended Gavin’s William Gray Theater event  this summer, it was fantastic!
“We are so glad Gavin arrived to our community”
“Tell Gavin to hurry back!”
An elderly lady made a purchase and looked at me and said, “Are you Elmer’s daughter?” I proudly said,” Yes, I miss him with every breath I take. She responded, “I do also. I worked with him and he was the kindest man. I miss having coffee with him.”

This is a great community!

 Gavin and I wish to thank you for your continued interest in Sweet Conclusions products and for the successful events this summer and on Saturday.


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