Recently I got to spend a whole day in the beautiful city Gothenburg. I cannot remember when I was there last. It was a wonderful, autumn day and the sun shone aimlessly down through the last shades of yellows, oranges and reds before the breeze comes to shake them from the trees.

Situated at the mouth of the river Göta älv, Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. It is known as ‘The gateway to the west’. With its numerous parks and gardens, museums, historical buildings, shopping centers, coffee bars and of course, its world class amusement park (Liseberg), Gothenburg has a taste for all.

My day began with a gentle stroll through the city’s largest shopping center (Nordstan) before I headed for the Avenue (Aveny). The Avenue is without a doubt Gothenburg’s beating heart. It was a lovely walk, past the Non-Violence Statue on the corner of the Avenue and Engelbrektsgatan.

All the way up to Göteplatsen and the Art Museum at the top end where the twenty-two feet tall statue of Poseidon proudly stands. The statue is surrounded by six sculptures with different water creatures.

From there I walked via Haga to Iron Square (Järntorget) to a nice little café. People passed by in all directions, pigeons searching out breadcrumb meals. The coffee was amazing, black like tar and full of flavor. I would have stayed much longer although time was running out and I still had much to see.

Down by the Maritime Museum the blue of the sky easily touched and caressed the shimmering waves, somewhat like an exquisite work of art.

The red and white building in the following photo has been aptly named, the Lipstick Tube.

My day was rounded off by a visit to Kronhuset…

…and Gustav Adolf’s Torg. Gustav Adolf was a Swedish king. He also founded the city of Gothenburg.

Last but not least, I passed Brunnsparken on my way back home.

I have been to many cities in many countries over the years. Gothenburg though, is one of my all-time favorites.

Good night Gothenburg

Final note: St. Peter, Minnesota has Gustavus Adolphus College which King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia visited October 5,2012 for the 150th anniversary.




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  1. Gavin and Rosie


    Thanks for treating myself and the rest of us in America on the tour of Gothenburg. It sounds like you had a lovely day and the photos certainly are beautiful!

    This brought me a little closer to your world and I appreciate the journey. I have never been to Europe so it was great fun to experience through your eyes.

    Thank you!

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