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Autumn is the time of year for decorating with pumpkins and eating pumpkin desserts.

Pumpkin: A large, edible, orange-yellow fruit borne by a coarse,trailing vine.

Let’s look at some variety of ways to decorate with pumpkins.

Owl Pumpkins: Decorate white pumpkins with an assortment of seeds and nuts to create the noses and eyes. Add feathers for the ears. Use mini pumpkins to make baby owls.

Use cone-shape pumpkins and paint to make them appear to look like candy corn

Put your initial on your pumpkin and place by your front door

Make an Autumn wreath with pumpkins, gourds,and leaves

Put a smile on a  pumpkin decoration or pumpkin pie

Some say a smile is worth a thousand words

A smile can melt even the coldest of hearts. A smile is able to warm a lonely heart. A smile can send a heart a flutter where once there was only stillness. A smile can dissolve anger or initiate peace. A smile is beautiful no matter who’s face it belongs to and is free to give!

Never underestimate how a simple smile can brighten someones day 🙂

Share your smile with someone today!

Until next time and more

Sweet Conclusions  and Time out with Gavin and Rosie

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    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thank you, Eva. Just wait until you see tomorrow’s post. A cooking one with photos, your mouth will water more!

  1. Maggie

    A smile is worth a thousand words! I’m smiling right now after reading your article! (even though its snowing here in Champlin)! yuck!

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