The Eternal Observer

Sitting here this evening as the last streaks of sunlight touch the silver birch trees outback, leaves falling silently into a chilly breeze, arthritic branches, boney fingers reaching to embrace the evening to come, I cannot help but contemplate life. Another circle is coming to a close. I have seen many circles in my life, although they appear much smaller now than they did twenty or even thirty years ago.

I am not old, am a middle-aged man and I am more than content with my life. Some say life begins at forty, but life for me really doesn’t have an age. It is a journey, a wonderful voyage full of ups and downs.

I never learned to drive, never really wanted to. I figure if God wanted me on wheels, he would have fixed them for me. He gave me two good legs instead. I never got myself a good education, never really needed one. I figured God would offer me the correct path with or without good grades. I never got married,never really found that perfect woman. I figured if God hadn’t put her in front of me, then there must be a reason.

My son is without a doubt the most important person in my life. He completes me. We can talk about anything and everything. The other evening we went for a nice walk. It was dark outside, a little windy and quite cold. As we walked, he told me about his goals in life. The boy is just sixteen years of age and he knows exactly what he wants and how to obtain it.

When I was sixteen I had no idea where I was heading, had no goals whatsoever. Tomorrow had no meaning for me and the past was quite simply, yesterday. I lived in that moment, the one I found myself in. I was young and tomorrow would come when tomorrow came. Well, guess what…tomorrow came.

They say there is a reason for everything though. Some of us run before we can walk, while others prefer the slow road. Some of us are born leaders, selfless defenders of what we consider to be correct, while others are happy to just live life. We are all different and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Growing up in England, leaving home and falling into total poverty, I often wondered what my role in life was to be. As a middle-aged man though, I can tell you exactly what God had planned for me.

I lead a simple life. God gave me a son to love and to protect and he put me here to be the best father and person I could possibly be.

Life isn’t about the big things, isn’t about nice clothes and flashy cars. It’s about the little things, about taking responsibility for the world about us, our environment and more importantly, ourselves.

I consider myself to be the eternal observer, happy to walk without needing to run, content with the little things without a hunger for more. I go to work and I write my books, take care of my son and vacuum the apartment. Sometimes I go out for a drink, meet my friends down town. Most of the time though I am alone. I like it that way. I like to sit and quietly observe. I like to read the newspaper and find out what is happening out there.

My observations often inspire me, cause me to sit and contemplate life. Just this afternoon my son and I were having a conversation about life and about what happens to us when our lives come to an end. I told him I don’t believe we are a body with a soul, but a soul with a body. He wondered where we go when the end comes. I told him that although our souls leave this realm, our bodies remain for all time.

We are all leaves on the fruitful tree of humanity, all constantly changing color and shade according to the season that comes to pass. Our circle complete, we fall, returning to the earth that fed us within life. For what is here and is of the physical form, remains here to nourish further circles, while what is here and is of the spirit form, departs and returns to the spirit world.

Some see death as the end of life, although I see life as the start of death. Death doesn’t frighten me for I believe that within death we find life. The life we see and live today is simply a test of faith.

So if you are reading this post and you have at any point in your life, wondered what your purpose here is, I can assure you, you have one. Your purpose may not be chiseled in stone, may not be sent out across the airwaves to reach every corner of the world. Perhaps your purpose is to touch one heart, to influence one life. Whatever the case, you have a purpose and when your circle of life comes to an end, you too will return to the one who created you.

Have a great day