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Once upon a time a young boy inspired himself to compose a heartfelt, simple poem. He went on writing more poems, song lyrics, children’s themed theater texts and then novels, his name is Gavin Hill, the other half of Sweet Conclusions Area Voices. 

Gavin is very diverse in his writing with many ideas for his next book(s).  I saw a cartoon a few years ago that showed a man at a medical clinic.  The doctor comes into the room with the man’s x-ray results. The x-ray reveals a photo of a book inside the man’s chest. The doctor says to the patient, “Good news, you have a book inside of you just waiting to come out.” I had to smile as I thought of Gavin with all his great ideas just waiting to be written!

I read that cartoon before Gavin’s books became published. I knew from viewing that cartoon it was a good sign that soon I would be holding one of his masterpieces.  Little did I realize at that time, is that his fourth novel,The Watchman, he would dedicate to me and that my camera would capture his pose for the back cover. Never give up on your dreams. We now write to you on Area Voices plus we have our own poetry ~ photography book and greeting card company, Sweet Conclusions.

Check out his author central page on Amazon.


I have started a Gavin Hill library. There is nothing like holding a good book in your hands.  Reading is a pleasure never to be replaced.  I have recently gotten a smart phone. I have uploaded Gavin’s books on my phone. I also am enjoying “reading” with my phone. A completely different experience. It is nice to have both options. You will find Gavin’s books and e-books available on his author central page.

I recently put on Twitter:

You are not living life to the fullest if you haven’t uploaded Gavin’s newest book. 

 Another Twitter post today:

Feed your spirit with the bread of a Gavin Hill novel

~ Happy Reading ~


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