We all find comfort in a variety of different things. Our five senses of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch play a huge role in our comfort levels.

I see the dazzling view of autumn in full eruption and feel comfort

I hear a loved one’s voice and feel comfort

I smell the aroma of baking bread and chips all the way from Gavin’s kitchen in Sweden today and feel comfort. Amazing my sense of smell πŸ™‚

I taste a sip of water and feel comfort

I touch 100% flannel and feel comfort

Your comforts may be different than mine. All forms of comfort give strength,hope and console us.Β  Maybe it is a long overdue hug, the touch of a baby’s soft skin,your faith in God,receiving postal mail that isn’t a bill but from someone that is thinking of you, hearing your favorite song,watching a movie,spending time with your best friend or reading your favorite book. The list is endless.Β  I heard Alan Jackson’s new song last evening. I have been thinking about the meaning. Here some of the lyrics, I recall:

Talk about life, talk about death
Talk about catching every breath
Talk about when, and talk about why
Talk about do, and talk about don’t
Talk about will and talk about won’t
Talk about the sweet

Well, talk is cheap and times are wasting
Get busy living or at least die trying

As we go about our daily life, catching every breath, remember you can take comfort in accomplishing your to-do-list, one at a time. Make the most of each moment and have a great Friday.


P.S.Take a minute and share with me some of your “comforts” with a reply,thanks.






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