Shades Of Autumn


As I type this post it is already October in Europe. Gavin is still asleep but will be waking up soon to start his work week. He told me earlier that it has been cloudy and rainy in much of Sweden.  It has been a perfect Autumn weekend in Minnesota though with temperatures in the eighties. I have spent as much time as possible outside viewing how God has transformed mother nature with Autumn splendor.

I took photographs that I shared with you in the last post, When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall and I will share some more now.

I am ending my Sunday evening by pausing to reflect on the third part of Gavin’s poem:


I think autumn time is the best for me,

when the leaves are a rustic red

and a cool fresh air enters my head,

the birds take off into the sky,

I know they’ll be back,

but I still say goodbye,

I think autumn time is the best for me.

Until next time and more time out with

Gavin and Rosie

look for shades of Autumn splendor!




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