How Precious Is Life? (Part 2)

continuation of How precious is life?

Now, I don’t have the answers, although after surfing the net, I do know that an estimated 1.5 trillion dollars are spent on military expenditures worldwide each year (2.7% of World GDP).

I wish there was an easy answer, wish poverty and suffering could be washed away with the wave of a hand. I know it’s not that simple though and as I have already stated, I don’t have the answers. I wonder though how it is that the super-wealthy can live with themselves, knowing that so many are going without, living such miserable lives, dying such awful deaths.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all rich people keep all their wealth. Many do give money to charities and are more than willing to help the less fortunate. There are many though that do nothing, that have accumulated vast fortunes and who live like kings while people die all around them. And seriously, let’s say a man has five million dollars in the bank. I am sure he has worked hard for his millions and yes, he deserves it if he has earned it fairly. But is he ever going to be able to spend all that money in his lifetime?

At the end of the day, what is accumulated on this earth remains on this earth. In the autumn of our lives, we know all too well that we cannot take our possessions with us. Many civilizations have tried in the past; have truly believed they could take their worldly possessions with them. Archeologists all over the world have benefited greatly by such a misconception.

This is a materialistic world, a selfish and greedy world. It’s dog eat dog out there and you either make it or you don’t. We in the west really can count our blessings. We have a good school system, social system and vast possibilities. We are advantaged and it’s all too easy to forget the less fortunate.

It’s time for us to start seeing life for what it really is; an amazing journey from birth to death and it’s time to start doing more for the less fortunate.

It was The Beatles, who sang the song, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’.

Trust me, money cannot buy you love. It cannot buy you into heaven, cannot buy you everlasting life. It can only serve you while you are here and let’s face it, life is pretty short.

Offering you a little food for thought.

Have a great day


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