How Precious Is Life?

Gradually she opens her sleepy, chestnut brown eyes, insects sounding an untamable chorus somewhere beyond the heavily dented, galvanized sheet-walls that make up her home.

The night gone by has been a hot and sticky one, the clammy humidity dampening her coffee cream skin, almost to the point of clogging her lungs. Her disabled mother and malnourished, little brother are still asleep on the earthy floor, her little brother sadly sobbing within the depths of yet another uncontrollable nightmare. She sheds a silent tear, memories of her father, murdered just three months previous. Then she sits up, yawns and climbs to her feet. It’s still dark outside, although it won’t be long now until light touches the land and with that light, a scorching, unrelenting heat.

She’s nine years old, nine going on thirty-nine and she’s now the only source of income for her impoverished family. She steps outside, observing line after line of hut-like, galvanized shacks, a certain melancholy within that cannot be hidden.

Somewhere within the darkness she can hear voices, young voices, voices of children coming her way and she slowly trudges off toward the garbage dump in search of anything that can recycled or sold.

Is her life less precious than yours?

Is there anything more precious than life itself? It shouldn’t really be a question worth asking, although if you were to ask me, I would say ‘absolutely not’. There are many levels of life and the human race spans every one of them. If you are reading this post, you are doing so because you either own or have access to a computer.  If you own or have access to a computer, you probably have a job or parents who have a job. If you have a job or parents who have a job, you probably have a comparatively good life. Count your blessings.

It is estimated that humanity passed the 7 billion mark in early November of 2011. That’s an awful lot of people. All of them need food and water in order to survive. Sadly though, not all of them do.

Did you know that the world’s richest 1% own 40% of the world’s wealth? Or that over 3 billion people worldwide live on less than a dollar- fifty a day, or that over 80% of humanity lives on less than ten dollars a day?

According to INICEF, 22,000 children die each and every day due to poverty. Isn’t that sad!

Until next time and my continuation on this subject


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  1. Marlene

    I agree, very true to count our blessings. I tell my family that. I like that you always make us think. Good job as usual.

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thank you, Marlene. Part two of this post should be out in a couple of days. Then you really will have something to think about-hehehehe

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