A Leap Forward

You probably hear the term “smartphone” tossed around a lot. How is a smartphone different than a cell phone? A smartphone is a device that lets you make telephone calls, but also adds in features that, in the past, you would have found only on a computer such as the ability to send and receive e-mail.

In five days I will become part of the “new generation“.  I will be holding a smart phone in my hands for the first time.  I am excited that my son has ordered me one which will be taking me into the world of advanced modern technology. Many of you have been in the new generation for years. For me, I will be taking my first leap forward!

I will be able to download Gavin’s newest published book, The Watchman and read it on my smart phone. It boggles my mind. A few years ago, I never thought I would have a cell phone much less a smart phone. How did we survive not being able to take a phone with us years ago when we left our homes?  It was easy as we knew no difference.  I can’t imagine now not having a phone with me at all times. It has become a necessity for many of us.

Twenty-five years ago, when my son was a baby, I still had a black and white television set and a landline phone that reached about six feet in cord length!  I couldn’t even walk around the house much less outside while talking on the telephone. We didn’t have all of the many modern devices we have now and still managed to live a good life.

Generation to generation … just think of all of the changes just in televisions and phone sizes. It is amazing how “thin” they have become!


Pondering all of the different applications I will have on my new phone makes me smile.

Here’s to the new generation of modern technology and learning how to use them!

Make it a great day!




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  1. Trudy

    A smart phone also shows the area you are posting from, if you use Facebook or other social applications. Where only the phone company could track you on your cell phone through the GPS (if you opt to pay for it); and then give it to Big Brother to use if one was in a crime. I don’t have a smart phone; but, my cell phone does a lot of what the smart phone does. Just doesn’t show where I’m posting from!

    There are nine things that will be obsolete or just disappear in the very near future.
    1. Post Office-email is replacing them
    2. Landlines- cell/smart phones
    3. Television- ipad, smart phones, icloud
    4. Books- Nook, Kindle are replacing the libraries
    5. Checks- debt card replacing checks
    6. Newspapers- internet on phones
    7. Music- cds will be obsolete since one can download on phone
    8. Things you own today- all the above
    9. Privacy- Big Brother will know everything about you, where you are at at any given time of the day.

  2. Welcome to a new world Gavin 🙂 you will find it very exciting and maybe confusing from time to time. just hang in there and discover all the great functions 🙂



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