“Please bring two shots of espresso to the author sitting over there writing his new post for Sweet Conclusions Area Voices.” The friendly waitress looked at me the first time I said that and her mouth slightly opened in shock and said with a question, “Two shots?”  I smiled at her and nodded my head yes. 🙂

Anyone who follows along on our posts knows that we are always searching for strong coffee flavors in America for Gavin.  Before his arrival from Europe, I purchased a coffee grinder with different flavored coffee beans.  Every morning, I loving ground fresh coffee beans with varying flavors of beans; French Vanilla, Hazel Nut, Dark Sumatra and the list goes on with some results being “flavor-full” enough to give a response of “Oh, Rosie now this time you got it right!” With yet others times that were just not so pleasing to his taste buds.

Truth be told I have never drank a cup of coffee or even had a desire to take a sip of coffee in my life so what do I really know? But for Gavin I tried and I would wait with bated breath to hopefully hear a positive reaction to his first sip each morning! I have found that I love the smell of coffee. It really makes the house smell alive with its pleasant aroma.

Not one but two shots of espresso at Cricket Meadow in downtown Litchfield seemed to give Gavin a smile that radiated much longer than the freshly brewed coffee at home. Sometimes he would add the strongest coffee they make to the two espressos.  He really got a lot of writing accomplished after drinking that! 😉

I had to do a little searching on Google to figure out what the difference is between espresso and my purchased coffee beans. Here is what I found:

Yet, another way of brewing coffee is the espresso machine. The difference between a filtered coffee and an espresso coffee is the water goes through the grains rather than around them.   

Well, there you go. I had no idea! Thank you Google search engine.

Being Gavin loves coffee, we have decided to have a contest in honor of his new book release, “The Watchman” and whoever wins will receive this unique coffee cup!

Here are the questions to answer:   Razaal or Father Sky in The Watchman watches ________  form.  Which book of Gavin’s is your favorite and why? ________________________________ List of his books include: The Maze, The Blood Tree, The Changling, The Watchman, Reflections Upon the Waters of Life

Don’t hesitate!  Reply with your answers at  for your chance to win this Watchman coffee mug!

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  1. Trudy

    Razaal watches the “CREATION” form.” Favorite book.. this is a hard one… I like them all because they keep my interest and sitting on the edge to find out what comes next. I want more and more! Seem to not be able to put the book down until the last page. I reach for the next one… and again can’t put it down. Excellent books… and I love how they are like one.

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