A Perfect “summer” September Day ~

We have been having summer weather yet in Minnesota as we turned our calendars over to September five days ago. Today reached 90 and was still 88 degrees at 7 pm. As I took a walk this evening and viewed the lovely sunset I felt warm and free.  I recalled a verse from the poem Best for Me written by Gavin. The whole poem is in our Reflections Upon the Waters of Life book.  I am only going to share the summer verse with you in this post as summer weather will soon leave us with only wonderful memories fading into shades of autumn.  Until that time, I’m going to hold unto summer … if only for a few more days.

I think summertime is the best for me,

when the clouds are a fluffy white

and the evenings are light

and I can walk in the forest

late on a star shine night,

I feel so warm and free,

I think summertime is the best for me…

Gavin Hill

I will share the autumn verse and winter verse of his poem in weeks / months to come. The whole poem is beautiful and speaks volumes to me for each season of life.

We took this sunset photo in Marion, Illinois when we were on vacation.  Look at this photo closely and feel God’s peace surround you. I was certain I could hear angels singing when Gavin and I looked at this grand view outside of our motel room. What a masterpiece! Truly a glimpse of heaven …

 Here is a verse written by Gavin taken from one of his novels. It compliments this photo perfectly …  making it one of our Sweet Conclusions original art work greeting cards or wall enlargements … which are available for purchase by contacting us.

The time was almost in

The sun but a memory

Upon the horizon

Night time close to taking

A grip on the land …  Gavin Hill

Good night from Minnesota. Until next time make it a great day!


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