I Mean, Seriously!

So you pop out into the kitchen, grab your favorite mug and fill it with coffee before reaching into the cupboard and taking out a packet of cookies. Then you head back to the TV room, making yourself comfortable. The adverts are still on, although it won’t be long now. You open the packet, taking out a cookie and you bite into it before reaching for your coffee and putting your feet up.

Finally the movie begins, the screen darkens, the intro music starts up and the opening credits roll in. You sip at your coffee, preparing yourself for an action filled extravaganza. Lights, camera, action… Darkness fades, the camera angle swinging gradually down over a bustling, rain-danced street, people passing by this way and that. The streetlights reflect against water droplets. You follow the camera as it takes a sharp, left turn, moving along a narrow, garbage strewn ally. Before you there is a large door and all of a sudden, you pass into a gloomy, basement-like room.

You watch on, glued to your screen, cookie crumbs falling onto your lap.

A man sits, slouched on a wooden chair, a dirty sack over his head. His hands are tied tightly behind his back. About him there are three well-built men and they take turns in hitting the sack with a precision that would kill most men instantaneously. Punches rain down, the man struggling to free himself of his predicament. You can almost smell the stench of blood and impending death, and you can’t help but feel for the poor man. It doesn’t look good, he probably won’t make it.

One of the men smiles a yellow, toothy grin and reaches for a machete, bringing it to the victim’s throat. You turn away a split second, almost spilling your coffee, your mind’s eye already sure of the outcome.

It appears you were wrong though. The music speeds up, our hero free of the ropes about his wrists. He is up and on foot, pulling the sack away, disarming the machete-wielding thug. Within seconds, the other two are unconscious as well. Our hero wipes his sweat-smeared brow; clears his throat and with one sharp kick, the door is open.

It makes for an action-packed, nerve tingling movie, doesn’t it? Although I mean seriously, there is little reality to such a scene. In the movies the hero can be hit time and time again and yet still he manages to win the day. We all have heroes.

Until my next post and continuation on this … have a good day.


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