Patience Is A Virtue And So Is Faith

Sixteen years ago, Gavin wrote and told me that he was holding,caressing and bathing me in his love; to hold on that he would arrive in person to do the same. I fought the fight to survive health issues.  I viewed the bright lights of heaven not once but twice. I felt my body return to my hospital bed after those experiences. The peace of heaven poured through my soul enveloping me with peace. And then I experienced the anguish of the severe, extreme pain that my mere eighty pound body was going through with machines keeping me alive. It took more patience than I knew how to cope with at times. I would cry out in pain and ask God to please let me find inner strength to withstand the pain.  I was carried by God  then and I still am. Machines have kept me alive for years. God still has a purpose that I am to fulfill here on Earth.

Gavin kept his promise from years ago and has arrived twice to me in America. Spending several weeks both times. We have experienced daily life together. Found that we truly are best friends.  Today, I hold in my hands the greatest gift. I hold Gavin’s fourth novel, The Watchman. I am blessed beyond measure to read a dedication with such profound meaning to me. My heart is overjoyed and tears stream down my rosy cheeks. The dedication Gavin wrote is to God and myself. I am blessed to have Gavin in my life and to have shared this moment of opening his masterpiece book;The Watchman with him. The back cover of this book is also special as the portrait of Gavin I captured with my camera when he arrived for his first taste of American life.

I am proud I am a survivor of my health issues to be holding this book! It is clear to me that patience is a virtue and so is my faith.

Here it is  ….  Gavin’s book and my copy that arrived from Amazon today:


Full of emotions in Minnesota.





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