A Mighty Cosmic Game Of Chance

In this video Gavin talks about the Game of Chance from his newly released novel, The Watchman at one of his author events in America. Enjoy!

Now, conversation is a wonderful thing, for conversation is communication and communication is the foundation of all things good. However, with nothing but the spiritual glow and the work that went into creating it as a topic of conversation, The All Powerful thought up a game for the three of them to play. He called it the Game of Chance and taught his children the rules. It was a board game, a mighty cosmic plasma board game with a series of shapes on it.


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It is a fantastic book that you will not be able to put down until finished reading!


Until next time and more Sweet Conclusions and Time Out With Gavin and Rosie ….



5 Responses

  1. Justin

    I play a whole lot of games/videogames and this is something I would look forward to playing in the future.

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Neat Justin. We should put our heads together and figure something out. I have the details and some good contacts:)

  2. Douglas Weeldreyer

    Hey Rosie, I believe you all have something here. I think you could definitely venture into multiple “Gaming” markets. Of course the traditional board game, cause you can’t go wrong with sitting around playing a game with friends and family, not to mention it is an actual board game in the watchman universe. I’d think you’d do well to tap the mobile users, phone and tablets video gaming app market. Also Facebook app gaming market as well. Those would be my thoughts.

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