Into The World Of The Watchman

What an exciting week with the release of Gavin’s fourth book in the Maze series, The Watchman.  We wanted to let you have a sneak peak with another excerpt and to let you know about his author central page on Amazon.

Amazon’s Author Central Page on Gavin Hill is awesome. Here is the link …  check it out!  The photos are of him at one his book signings and doing a radio interview in America plus the back cover of The Watchman. While on this site shop for all of Gavin’s books that are just waiting to be delivered to your front door so you can start reading!

Second Excerpt:

I, Razaal, Father Sky and Walker Among Mankind, knew nothing of my evil brother’s doing, but I felt great sadness at what I saw below me. I saw husband strike wife and brother kill brother. I saw lies and great pain. Rulers rise and become kings over people, and people turned into slaves to fulfill kingly lusts.

The All Powerful came to me once more and I returned with him to the spiritual glow. He told me my brother was responsible for the things I had seen below me. Radal had changed his name to Pezzarius and Pezzarius would forever be my bitter enemy. He told me Pezzarius would use cunning and stealth to find my weaknesses and I must always be strong and never let down my guard. I was different from my other brothers and sisters, he said, and I had been chosen, groomed and raised to go up against Pezzarius and his devil army. My job would not be an easy one. I would have to go to Pezzarius’s world and report back.

I didn’t leave immediately. I rested for seven days and seven nights then left with a new brother. The All Powerful told me my new brother would guide me and turn my fears into strength. His name was Courage and he was brave and strong. He, like me, lacked form. On the eighth day, we set off and the All Powerful wished us a hasty return.

It was a long journey and I just followed Courage through the Universe. We often grew tired and found ourselves in need of rest. Courage didn’t talk a lot, but I liked him all the same.

“How do you know where we’re going? There’s nothing but the All Powerful’s creation out here,” I said on many occasions.

“Trust me, be strong,” was always his reply.

We carried on through star system after star system and finally, we reached darkness. Then Courage sat me down and explained to me that we had reached the end of creation.

“You must be brave,” he said to me. “I am by your side and I shall lead you to Pezzarius’ world. When we arrive, I shall enter you and we shall become as one. I am Courage, and I was created to serve you. I am the cradle that will rock you, the pillar that will keep you standing tall, the water that will bathe you, the air you will breathe and I am the light in your darkness. I shall give you strength when yours is all but gone and I shall help you find your way back to the spiritual glow.”

Until next time …. I hope your Monday weather is as perfect and beautiful as it is in Litchfield, Minnesota today!




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  1. Deb

    Hi Gavin, Great videos on your super Amazon author page. Congrats on your 4th book. Sounds interesting. I am anxious to read it!

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