Available For Your Reading Pleasure … The Watchman!

We are so excited as Gavin’s fourth book, The Watchman, is now available for per-order at Amazon and Barnes and Noble on line!  It will be released this week!  We wanted to share an excerpt from his book with you today!

On the seventy-first day, he took me aside and told me that Planet Earth was to be his center piece. I found it all to be very interesting, although I must admit I found it difficult to understand. He told me that in time life would come to Planet Earth, that water would rain down and flowering plants would grow. Fish would swim in the waters and animals would live on the land, and I listened to my creator. He told me birds would fly across pale blue skies and insects would hover from flower to flower, and still I listened. He told me he would create more brothers and sisters and that unlike me, most of them wouldn’t lack form. They would be my children, and I would be father of fathers and my children would rise up and rule Planet Earth. He told me that by day the sun would sit in the sky and keep the planet warm, and by night the moon and the stars would look down from their carpet of black. He spoke of how great civilizations would come and would go, blossom from the land and in time, return. I would become Father Sky and my sister, Zeera, would become Mother Earth. I would rain down on the land and give it life, and still I listened to my creator, for my creator was, and still is, all powerful.

The very next day I became Father Sky and I was surprised to find Planet Earth was no longer shrouded in darkness. No longer was I lacking in form, for I was mighty and varying in color. Zarina sat with me. She became the sun and Zarluus by night became the moon. Rodaal and Ratzia became the stars, Roiazalu the other planets and Razmi, the Milky Way. Sometimes, clouds of fluffy grays and whites hindered my view of Planet Earth, and sometimes the earth opened itself up and spewed out rivers of oranges and reds. I rained down on the earth and gradually huge craters and valleys filled with water. The waters rose and still I rained down. Zarina kept me company by day and her rays of sunshine complimented my life giving raindrops. At night, I rested with Zarluus, Rodaal, Ratzia, Roiazalu, and Razmi. Sometimes we would tell stories and the All Powerful would come and visit. I was young and so was Planet Earth. The waters were fresh and new, and the air was clear. I loved my brothers and sisters and never once did we grow tired of each other. Days and nights came and went, seasons changed and years passed.

Again the All Powerful took me aside. He asked me if I was happy as Father Sky, and of course, I replied, ‘I am.’ He asked me if I liked what I saw and again I replied, ‘I am.’ He told me it was time, that the waters were deep and ready to give life. Mother Earth was about to fulfill her primeval obligation and I was about to become the guardian of my creator’s work. For a long time I saw little change, although Zeera assured me she could feel life in her watery depths. She promised me that one day I would see it. That one day, life would conquer the land and birds would fly in my body.

You don’t want to miss out on having your very own copy of The Watchman. Order today from Amazon or Barnes/Noble so your reading adventure can begin!  This book will take you into a world of profoundness … penetrating you so deeply … you will not be able to put it down until you are finished reading!  I love this book and it seems surreal that we will be holding it in our hands to read this week!

Congratulations Gavin!  I thank you for entering my world sixteen years ago. I am so proud of you and your work!


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  1. Justin

    Congrats Gavin. It was great to see you this summer. We will have to get a Bitter Neighbor together next time!

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