Refreshment From The Waters Of Life …

This summer one of the first things Gavin purchased was a birdbath and some bird seed/suet for the variety of birds in Minnesota. We received double fold enjoyment from watching the variety of animals that arrived for a visit. Not all visitors were birds. We also had squirrels,chipmunks, bunnies and cats. We love nature!

This July found Minnesota breaking a record for the hottest month since the 1930’s. The heat wave that baked Minnesota and Wisconsin produced record-breaking temperatures across both states and caused roads to buckle. On July 2nd we broke the record for the hottest day set in 1911.  We were happy our neighborhood animals found our  birdbath to get refreshing water of life from.

We thought you would enjoy viewing some of our feathered friends that came for a visit.

Look at this striking yellow and black on this gold finch. He would go from the feeder to the birdbath several times in a day. He looked so tiny in the water.

This beautiful chickadee would stop by daily to sing just for us!

After arriving home from the theater production that Gavin directed we found one of his main characters, Colin the crow, taking a bath!

We found it difficult to take our visual cortex away from this cardinal’s magnificent presence. He would arrive early morning to check if Rosie had Gavin’s coffee ready, yet!

We also found the sparkling water refreshed our souls. We would try to go to a different lake each day being Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes.


We really got “refreshed” with a down pour of rain when crossing the bridges in the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa. Our only downpour for the summer and we were in rush hour traffic. There was so much force at that particular moment that we couldn’t see the pavement of the bridges or cars ahead of us.  We will never forget that frightful experience. Next time we plan to cross those bridges with a clear blue sky so we can actually be truly “refreshed” and enjoy the view of both states at the same time!

Remember all of our photos are available as greeting cards or enlargements with Gavin’s special verses on them by contacting us at Sweet Conclusions plus our book Reflections Upon the Waters of Life is available for purchase to pause and reflect on the wonders of life all around us.

May the waters of life refresh you and yours today in a special way!

Until next time


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  1. Trudy

    I just love coming here to read what you both put down for all to take in and ponder. What a joy it must have been to see all the birds take the invitation at the birdbath. 🙂 As the scriptures tells us, if God provides for the sparrow, what more could He do for us?

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