The World Really Isn’t All That Small After All

Assuming you are on vacation, far from home and you happen to meet an old school friend, you might be inclined to say, “what a small world this is”. Funny then that when I was in America meeting people I had never met before I never uttered the words, “what a big world this is”. The size of this planet all depends on how you look at it.

Technology and advanced communication has indeed made this world a smaller place. I can send an email across the oceans to the other side of the world and receive a reply within seconds. I can hook up to Skype and see a person who is thousands of miles away. In many respects, the world is shrinking.

For me though, sitting here in Sweden, I have to tell you the world is huge. Last week this time I was in America, was a world away, in a country where I really felt I belonged. Technology has indeed caused the world to shrink, but the miles are the same.

Walking along the water taking in the beauty of nature


Land Between The Lakes

 Kentucky, USA

I cannot help but think I now live in two worlds, in the ‘old world’ and in the ‘new world’. I was born and grew up in the old world. It has offered my security, success and countless memories. The new world though beckons me from afar, tempting me with great possibilities and new goals to achieve.

I am a people person, always have been. Humanity is complex and I have always chosen to see the good in everybody. I believe we are all here for a reason and that nothing is coincidental. We are all unique, all important pieces of the almighty puzzle of life.

Maybe that’s why I sit here now, a little empty; after six weeks in America. It’s back to a different type of work for me now, back to normality. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my job here in Sweden, but I loved working with the children on William Gray & the Family Next Door. I loved motivational speaking, my book events, loved meeting new people, trying in my own way to improve lives.

The world really isn’t all that small after all. It’s mighty and varying and its continents are all so far apart. After six weeks in America, I know that only too well.



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  1. Gavin and Rosie

    Gavin … America is empty without you here. You made a positive difference in so many lives while you were here! Rosie

  2. Lucille

    Gavin and Rosie, I like that you two had a really wonderful time together. I have been enjoying your write ups and photos. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

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