72 Days Out Of 5,840

The whirlwind of the past forty-two glorious days of numerous events, newspapers interviews, radio interviews, book signings and putting on a children’s theater production has come to a deafening silence. Not too many people could have pulled this much off in this short amount of time.

I feel we are born to love, to feel compassion, to nurture, and share those feelings with each other.Β  After sixteen years of friendship, Gavin and I have gotten 42 days together in 2012 and 30 days together in 2011. That equals 72 days out of 5,840. That really isn’t many days in the same room to celebrate daily life of being alive. We observed past birthdays, Christmas and other occasions that were missed while living across the ocean from each other. Most of the time was work related except for that occasional delightful “water fight” outside with the hose to cool off from the heat of the day. Yes, that scream you heard was me getting drenched! Yes, I loved every minute!

Are there ever enough hours in a day? The answer is no and I am feeling sad after seeing him leave through airport customs gates.Β  I am more than grateful and thankful for the total of seventy-two days in sixteen years but the emptiness in my heart is overwhelming right now and it has only been a few hours since the final wave through the glass divider at the final security check point at the airport.

Here are some more highlights of our short but sweet journey of fascinating things we saw these past forty-two days:

We found Elvis the King plus President Abraham Lincoln!

We also got to meet wonderful, friendly people everyday …

Enchanted Forest of Ivy

Heavenly Sunsets

Bison crossing the road

Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

Hundreds of bridges to cross in a variety of weather!

Beautiful lakes everywhere!

Southern oil

Kentucky roses

Birthday happiness …

Until next time …

All aboard … full steam ahead with over flowing memories …

Thank you dear Gavin!


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  1. Trudy

    Love endures all things… I admire the love between you and Gavin. Its refreshing and the cool part is, you met over a chat program on the internet. God has major plans for the two of you. I can’t wait until Mr. Gavin moves to America… he will be welcomed with open arms. You two have a lot to give to others.. and I’m honored that you all have a place on my mountain… Love you both

  2. Hesti Herbst

    I do agree with what Trudy wrote. You two got alot to give, and I can assure you that the world would be a better place to live in with more people like you! <3
    But, move to America? Please, Trudy… We need him here! What we gonna do? πŸ™‚

  3. Marlene

    Gavin and Rosie you radiate happiness all over the world, thank you for that! I’m happy you got to spend time together and enjoy daily things together. That is so important in this fast pace world we live in. Come back really soon Gavin! I agree with Trudy, America will welcome you with open arms and hearts!

  4. Kathy

    Ditto, America welcomes you Gavin with open arms! Thanks for bringing the anti-bullying theater to us. You both have much to share together and with us! Hurry back!

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Ah, how wonderful to know the name of that bird! Thank you, Deb! We were fascinated to see them for the first time. Enjoyed their unique sound also. Appreciate your response πŸ™‚

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