Kicking In Kentucky

We decided to travel south to Kentucky to meet a fan club member by the name of Trudy and deliver her order of Gavin’s novels in person. We were pleasantly surprised at the beauty of this area and didn’t want to leave. Trudy lives in hummingbird haven. She has a genuine warmth that draws you in and made us fill totally welcome and at home. We thank you Trudy for your hospitality! We enjoyed every minute!

What a delight to watch the hummingbirds within reach of your fingertips. Here is a photo of one zooming in for a drink. Trudy took us on new adventures to see tobacco fields and barns for drying of the tobacco, a restored store and filling station and so much peaceful beauty at the Land Between The Lakes.

Rosie and Gavin in front of a large tobacco field in Kentucky photo by Trudy

Drying barn for tobacco

Trudy and Rosie photo by Gavin

Rosie and Gavin in front of a restored filling station photo by Trudy

Gavin and Rosie at the Land Between the Lakes photo by Trudy

Until next time with more photos of our vacation,

Gavin and Rosie



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  1. Trudy

    Too cool! I’m so happy that you both enjoyed your tour of my area. Next time we will have to plan a longer stay for you all, so we can go see Mammoth cave and Fort Knox. *giggle* Love you both very much P.S. It was awesome to have the books delievered by you all and then watch you both autograph them. πŸ™‚

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      I really look forward to my next visit, Trudy. I loved the area and would gladly return. Hope you are enjoying the books:)

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